Working with the Introduction

About the Introduction to the Four Rooms of Change

Introduction to Four Rooms of Change can be used in a number of different contexts. It takes 3-4 hours for any group to construct to Four Rooms of Change theory out of their own experiences together with a certified facilitator. Introduction to the Four Rooms includes a theory booklet and a questionnaire with seven questions.

Here are tools and guides!


    Step by step guide

    A guide for working with the instrument Introduction to the Four Rooms of Change. Download the guide here!



    You will need these flipcharts while working with the Introduction. You can by them from us or draw them.



    Here is a template in Powerpoint that you can use when you shall document your work with the Introduction.


    Working Sheets

    Here you can find a couple of worksheets that you can use while working with the Four Rooms of Change tools.


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