User Conference 2017

Welcome to Stockholm August 30 – September 1

Location: Bryggarsalen, Norrtullsgatan 12 N, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Date: August 30 – September 1
Time: The conference starts at 13.00 Wednesday and continues until 13.00 Friday.


There is still time! If you have something you would like to share or ideas or insight into a specific area that you would like to highlight – Call or email us now!



Highlights of the program


  • Giuliano Tarditi and Mattias Westerman: Four Rooms in the sales process. With new materials for getting started!
  • Lynda Jones and Bob Campbell: The core analytical instruments in a leadership program in the Australian state of Tasmania.
  • Paul Nordström: The essential contract work.


  • The Four Rooms can be used in so many ways! We will work in different stations, where we describe, explore and discuss more applications and uses for the Four Rooms of Change!


  • Anonymous surveys or the Organizational Barometer®.
  • How the Four Rooms contributed to create the lowest sick leave of all in one Swedish municipality.
  • A new concept for creating a healthy work environment

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    The price for the whole conference including meals is 1 950 SEK, 206 EUR or 305 AUD.