Organize a certification program in the UK!

Become a Four Rooms of Change pioneer in the UK!

Do what

  • A&L Partners AB have done in Sweden and in the United States
  • Nelja Huonetta Oy has done Finland
  • Prava formula d.o.o. is doing in the Balkans
  • Clarion Learning P/L has done Australien

Be the first to organiza a certification program in your country. Make it happen in close collaboration with us at the Four Rooms of Change Group.

We have made it happen in several places on the planet – we know what it takes to make the process work smoothly.

You or your company/group are in touch with the market in your country. We have the Four Rooms of Change experience and expertise. Together we can make wonders happen in workplaces, organizations and other social systems.

Would you like to know more?

Please download the power-point and find out what the design looks like.

If you are still interested, contact us so that we can find out more about the realism in the project as well as finding out more about the financial and logistical deal.

Please contact Drusilla Copeland or Bengt Lindstrom for more information about next steps.

In-house certification programs

Many private businesses, public agencies, NGOs and for example trade unions choose to organiza an in-house certification for smoother and faster implementation.

Some consulting groups choose to do the same in order for them to become even more competitive on their market And to be able to support their customers and clients even more – in good times and in worse.

There are many advantages!

  • The certification program(s) can be tailor-made to fit you organization’s needs perfectly!
  • It gives even faster and more powerful effect on the climate for change!
  • It provides a broad participation almost instantly!
  • It’s more cost-efficient for us to come to you rather than a group of you to travel to us several times.
  • The Four Rooms of Change makes a big difference both in good and bad times. The more people getting certified at the same time, the greater the difference they make happen.

Contact us for a proposal!