The Four Rooms of Change in the UK

Welcome to The Four Rooms of Change in the UK!

The Four Rooms of Change has ben used in the UK for decades. Among the more prominent users has been Ashridge Strategic Management Centre, located outside of London. Unfortunately no one is currently certified within Ashridge.

Based in the UK – what are your needs and wishes?

A) Do you want to become a certified user of The Four Rooms of Change? Click here!

B) Are you looking for a certified user in the neighborhood? Click here!

C) Are you intersted in collaborating with us? 

  1. Here’s how you can contribute in organizing a certification program in the UK. Click here!
  2. Would you like to consider for yourself and your business/company to become the Four Rooms of Change official distributor in the UK and/or Ireland? This is what the road map looks like! – ppt –
  3. Would you consider some other kind of collaboration with us, such as:
    – Consulting assignments
    – School development / Four Rooms of Change in Schools
    – Other…

D) Are you in the process of writing about the Four Rooms of Change in an article or a book. Click here!

Please contact Drusilla Copeland for further information.