The Four Rooms of Change® in Australia

The Four Rooms of Change – by many considered to be by far the most comprehensible and versatile psychological theory ever created – present in Australia since 2010

In 2010 the first ever Four Rooms of Change Certification Program started in Melbourne Australia. Our local collaboration partner was and still is Clarion Learning.

Upcoming Four Rooms of Change® events in Australia

2015 Certification Program

Inquiries and registration: Contact Mike Cook, official distributor in Australia,

Official distributor in Australia 

Clarion Learning is responsible for all Four Rooms of Change operations in Australia. However, there is one exception and that is the Four Rooms in Schools Project for which Teacher’s Learning Network (TLN) in Victoria is the official distributor. Clarion Learning is based in Sydney, New South Wales. They:

  • Organizes and offers the Four Rooms of Change certification programs
  • Manage sales and distribution of analytical instruments and tools
  • Organizes and administers a local and regional User Forum
  • Markets corporate licenses
  • Deliver consulting services to corporations and public agencies

Official Australian Four Rooms of Change web site

Contacts in Australia

Mike Cook, senior consultant and owner of Clarion Learning. Clarion Learning is the official distributor of the Four Rooms of Change concept in Australia. Contact Mike here

Contacts in Sweden

Drusilla Copeland and Bengt Lindstrom are the Australian collaborators in the Northern Hemisphere. Inquiries from Sweden or the Northern Hemisphere, please contact Drusilla Copeland.

What are your needs in connection to the Four Rooms of Change?

  • Do you want to get certified in Australia? Contact Clarion Learning P/L by  clicking here.
  • Do you wish to find a certified user in Australia? Click here.
  • Do you wish to implement a certification program? Or purchase a corporate license for an organization in Australia?  A corporation, a public agency, an NGO or any other form of social system? Click here and you will get in touch with the Australian distributor.
Please get in touch with Clarion Learning! They can support you!



Mike Cook gets his hands on the two latest books in English by Clas Janssen:
– The Four Rooms of Change, Part I, A Practical Everyday Psychology
– The Four Rooms of Change Part II, Fifteen more Years of Experience.

Four Rooms of Change Global Team having traditional food in Stockholm Sweden in 2011.