Four Rooms of Change in the USA

Welcome to the Four Rooms of Change® in the United States of America

The Four Rooms of Change has been used in the USA for decades. More than ten certification programs have been conducted on the continent and many corporations and public agencies have been successfully using the Four Rooms of Change® for a very long time. Examples of such are IKEA North America, Utah Transit Authority – UTA, Chase Manhattan Bank, Girl Scouts of America, the Board of ITS America, Unicef HQ, Future Search Network and many others.

Certified users in the USA

The first certification program was conducted in San Francisco in 1999 with five participants. One of them was Drusilla Copeland, at the time internal OD consultant with UTA; Utah Transit Authority. She is by far one of the most experienced long-term users in the world. UTA used the Four Rooms for more than ten years with impressive results.

We have also conducted certification programs in Sweden in the English language with participants from the USA

Drusilla lives in Sweden and works full time for A&L Partners and the Four Rooms of Change Group.

We are seriously looking for collaborators in the USA!

So, based in the USA – what are your needs and wishes?

A) Do you want to become a certified user of The Four Rooms of Change?

B) Are you looking for a certified user in the neighborhood?

C) Are you intersted in collaborating with us? 

D) Are you in the process of writing about the Four Rooms of Change in an article or a book. Click here!

Please contact Drusilla Copeland for further information.