Before the Four Rooms of Change Certification Program

Welcome to your Four Rooms of Change Certification Program!

We appreciate that you have chosen to become certified in the Four Rooms of Change! It offers many advantages. In particular, it will give you important and significant learning related to your personal and professional life, and of course, new and perhaps unexpected insights about the people you work with and for. Over the last 20 years, it has been possible to become certified to work with the Four Rooms of Change, and more than 1100 people on five continents have done just that. Approximately half of them are still active, and some of them have been with us from the beginning. The extensive experience of thousands of uses has led to advances, refinement, and changes since the inception of our Certification Program in 1996. Even the analytical instruments have been refined to a certain extent over the years, and several new applications and translations have been added.

Now, it begins – our collaboration!

The first year will be intense. The contact and collaboration between us have one primary goal: to form an open channel through which you will be able to obtain the support needed to be formally certified. It is with us program leaders that you will have the most contact. This connection starts with an Introductory Call between you and your program leader on Skype, Face Time or by phone. The introductory call usually takes between one-half hour to forty-five minutes.


We are your program leaders, Drusilla Copeland and Bengt Lindström.


Questions before the program

Before the program starts, we would like you to take a little time to answer some questions. This helps the program management plan the first Introductory Call and the program details. The conversation is also important to clarify everyone’s expectations of the program. Only the program management can see your answers and they will be removed after the program.

Some of the information needed comes under the category of contact information; for example, your name, address and emergency contact. We are also interested and curious to know any previous experiences that you have had with the Four Rooms as well as how you are planning to use it. Typically it takes approximately one-half hour or less to access the information and to answer the questions. When you are done just press the ”SEND” button. Then we can start planning the initial conversation, which should be done well in advance of the start of the program.

Criteria for certification

The criteria for becoming certified to use the Four Rooms of Change are:

  • Before Part III, you have completed two individual, and two group uses of each of the three basic instruments in a real and professional situations according to the conditions we describe in each step-by-step guide.
  • That you during the program can show that you learn from experience.
  • That you have integrated into yourself enough of the theory to convey it to others in a credible and trustworthy manner.
  • You must participate in all program activities such as support calls and other agreed upon activities.

Time requirements and group size

The certification program consists of six classroom days and additional calls. Between part 1 and 3 you work with the analytical instruments. It is an advantage if you manage to perform more than the required uses, the more you do, the more you will learn. When working with a group, it shall have a common task to ensure enough dynamic. It shall consist of at least 5 participants, but bigger groups are often even better to work with for their benefit and your learning.

  • Time requirement for working with the Introduction: With a group ≈ 4 hours. An individual ≈ 2 hours.
  • Time requirement for working with the Organizational Barometer (including the Introduction): With a group ≈ 4 +10 hours (may be split into two occasions with a few days in-between for digesting information and data). With an individual ≈ 2 + 3-4 hours.
  • Time requirement for working with the Personal Dialectics: With a group ≈ 6-8 hours. With an individual ≈ 3 – 4 hours.

Start getting contacts

One of your most important tasks during the program will be to find enough opportunities to use the Four Rooms analytical instruments and to implement it following the Step-by-Step Guide. As the program leaders, it is one of our most important tasks to support you in finding the necessary and sufficiently realistic uses. The more practical experiences you have, the better for your learning and development, and of course our mutual learning in the program.

Like Getting Your Driving License…

Choosing to be certified to work with the Four Rooms of Change core instruments is analogous to getting your driving license. The more you study, explore and have experiences applying the Theory during the Certification period, the safer you will prove to be as a practitioner. We know from having certified users for over 20 years that if you apply the use of the Four Rooms more robustly during the training period, you will increase your self-confidence exponentially with each use. This goal leads to faster access to the desired security you seek when working with your end customers. The result of this hard work and practice is more credibility with the ones you are intending to work with. One’s legitimacy increases in the eyes of the observer. One’s authority increases with one’s experiences and well, one’s self-esteem and self-confidence grows and thus the positive effect of the application.


Here are the questions that we want you to answer as soon as possible and before we have the pre-program call. Thank you for taking your time to start our collaboration now. This will help make the program more productive – and more fun!

And by the way – no one but Drusilla and Bengt will see your answers.


    Your email


    Company name


    Mailing address

    Visiting address


    Mobile phone

    Landline number (optional)

    Year of birth


    Write something about how your professional background has developed over the years.

    What is your current assignment/profession/occupation?

    Have you been in contact with the Four Rooms of Change earlier? How?

    Do you have ideas how to use the Four Rooms in your practice or organization?

    Are you certified to work with other theories, instruments and tools? If yes, please list them here.

    Do you plan or are you enrolled in any other education parallel to this one?

    Do you have any health issues or other different abilities that we as the program management need to know about?


    What do you think about your ability to fulfill the criteria for certification as listed above?

    Do you see any specific challenges in front of you, such as accessing groups or individuals to apply the Four Rooms? Creating the opportunities in your own organization – or outside? Or others?

    Do you have any specific dietary restrictions?

    Other important information about you that may be helpful for the program managers to be aware of?