Before the certification program

Welcome to Four Rooms of Change® Certification program

We appreciate the fact that you have chosen to become certified in the Four Rooms of Change! It offers many advantages. In particular, it will give you important and significant learning related to your personal and professional life, and of course, new and perhaps unexpected insights about the people you work with and for, and about their social systems, their organizations. And your own.

Over the last 20+ years, it has been possible to become certified to work with the Four Rooms of Change, and more than 1100 people on five continents have done just that. Approximately half of them are still active, and some of them have been with us from the beginning. Due to the extensive experience of thousands of uses and the reports from the aforementioned group of users, this has led to the advances, refinement, and changes since the inception of our Certification Program in 1996. The best practices have been developed and refined, materials, step-by-step guides, analytical instruments and tools, and not least the layout and content of the certification programs.

Even the analytical instruments have been refined to a certain extent over the years, and several new applications and translations have been added. The outcome and results of these thousands of uses with hundreds of thousands of people from all continents and areas of society verify that the results of Claes Janssen’s research still holds its validity and reliability.

Now, it begins – our collaboration!

It will be intense for the first year. Since the contact and collaboration between us have but one primary goal: to form an open channel through which you will be able to obtain the support needed to be formally certified. You are certified when you have completed the following tasks:

  • Implemented the minimum number – preferably more – uses in realistic environments.
  • Integrated into yourself enough of the theory to convey it to others in a credible and trustworthy manner
  • Have had sufficient ”exposure to the Four Rooms, so that with your integration you have a better way of understanding and managing situations with individuals and groups – with the Four Rooms.
  • Participated in the entire certification program, which includes collaborations with others, not least your program leader.

There is more about the criteria further down in this document.

It is with our program leaders that you will have the most contact. In each case, initially. This connection starts with an introductory call, preferably on Skype, Face Time or the like, and of course by phone if necessary. Depending on where you are, and your program managers are located in the wide world, a physical meeting if it is practical and possible. The introductory call usually takes between one-half hour to forty-five minutes.




Drusilla Copeland, Mike Cook. Your program management leaders.


Different experiences and tasks – same goal

One of your most important tasks during the program will be to find enough opportunities to use the Four Rooms analytical instruments and to implement following the step as laid out in the-the Step-by-Step Guide. As the program leaders, it is one of our most important tasks to support you in finding the necessary and sufficiently realistic uses.

The more practical experiences you have, the better for your learning and development, of course, your initial experiences are yours and different from ours and the others in the program – which leads to better and increased collegiality, presence, aha moments, and mutual learning.

The common task is that you will become sufficiently experienced and knowledgeable to be certified – to get the driving license or the regular user license.

And More is Needed

To get the program off to a good and efficient start, we need to gather some information about you, and your preexisting conditions and other requirements for the program. The intention of collecting this data is to act as a baseline in our pre-program call, and every other contact that we will have. The conversation is also important to clarify the expectations of the program. In this way, you can get started making the necessary contacts as well as pre-planning some of your uses that will need to be complete between the different phases of the program for example (Part I and Part II) for you to achieve certification in the Four Room of Change.

Some of the information needed comes under the category of contact information; for example, your name, address and emergency contact. We are interested in making sure that when we eat your dietary needs are met therefore we need information regarding food you cannot tolerate. We are also interested and curious to know any previous experiences that you have had with the Four Rooms as well as how you are planning to use the Four Rooms knowledge in the near and distant future. Typically it takes approximately one-half hour or less to access the information and to answer the questions when you are done just press the ”SEND” button. Then we can start planning the initial conversation, which should be done well in advance of the start of the program.

Below is the first information that we want you to share with you. Further down, there are questions that we want you to answer directly in the online form. The program management is the only people who will have access to the information that you share in the online form, and you can rely on our discretion, confidentially, and privacy. Thank you in advance for your participation!

Criteria for certification

The criteria for becoming certified to use the Four of Change are:

  • Before Part III, you have completed two individual, and two group uses of each of the three basic instruments in a real and professional situation according to the conditions we review before and during the program and as described in each step-by-step guide; the dates for Part II and Part III are co-planned with all participants and program managers contributing to the discussion during, Part I and most often occurs within a few months after Part I.
  • During the course of the program, you must demonstrate that you have begun and started using the Four Rooms in your business and your life – and that you have learned from experience and on other occasions that you can learn from experience, i.e. experience with the use of Four Rooms theory and its core instruments and other aids.
  • You must participate in all program activities such as program apps, support calls and other agreed upon activities.
  • You must demonstrate that you have taken responsibility for the effective implementation of the contacts between you and me/us in the program management that are necessary to achieve the purpose of the program – to be certified. This task applies, for example, to the support calls as mentioned above, contacts, and calls in connection with material orders, consistent documentation of the implementation and the experience you have had when using the Four Rooms, all that is necessary to achieve certification.
  • You must demonstrate or show that you and we (the program managers) share the same reality regarding your uses of the Four Rooms as well as the observable behaviors/actions that can be understood as both necessary and good enough for your growth and maturity in the Four Rooms of Change.

What we have described has one sole intention that is the ”end customer,” i.e., the person(s) you work for will have the Four Rooms experience that he or she many within limits of feasibility may have wished or expected. And, of course, that you as a certified user feel good enough and get what you want and need in the situation where you are leading or facilitating work with the Four Rooms of Change.

Time Requirements for Classroom Sessions

The certification program consists of six classroom days divided into three Parts or two full days per phase and two support calls. Even, the evening between day one and day two are part of the program, and the first day ends about around 21:00 p.m.

As it our practice and pedagogic design that only the date for Part I one is set in advance. The dates for Part II and Part III are decided by the group during Part I. Typically, the time between Part I and Part III usually 8-12 months. Of course, these time frames depend upon the fact that everyone should have worked with the Four Rooms as prescribed by the program leadership and we take into account weekends, vacations, state holidays, etc.

Time Requirements for Practical Work Between Each Classroom Session

We have determined over years of working that– the time spent on the minimum number of uses as set forth above to ensure certification is 66 hours. This process includes the actual ”end customer” implementation. It does not contain planning with a client, your preparations, transport times, literature reading, support calls or other preparatory events.

A point of clarification, above in the text the phase is mentioned ”working with a group or groups” in a real and professional situation, a group as defined by us is a collection of people who share or have a common task. To ensure a sufficient and necessary dynamics in the group, we recommend that your applications take place in groups of at least five members including the leader. An ideal group size is between 8 –15 including the leader. If your assignment requires you to deviate from this formulary such case must be discussed with your program leader(s).

In some instances, a large group, of let’s say between 16 to 30 members is okay, provided you have the assistance of another user who is either about to be certified or is already certified and this person will take on the role of supervisor. If you are considering taking on a group that is larger than the two examples above, please contact your program leader for advice and support.

It is an advantage if you manage to perform more than the required uses. The more you do, the more you will have the Four Rooms of Change “ under your skin” in connection with the certification – the safer and more READY you will feel. This feeling is a clear advantage to both you and your future customer.

How much time do you need to request and have at your disposal when working with the various instruments:

  • The Introduction to the Four Rooms of Change with the Seven Questions: With a group = 4 hours. An individual = 2 hours.
  • The Organizational Barometer that includes the Introduction with a group = 4 +10 hours (may be split into two occasions with a few days in-between for digesting the information). With an individual = 2 + 3-4 hours.
  • The Personal Dialectics with the Outsider Scale with a group: 6-8 hours. With an individual 3 – 4 hours.

Start Making the Necessary Contacts NOW

We strongly recommend that you make contact and agreements with individuals and groups with whom you would like to apply your new knowledge – NOW – find those opportunities they will come in handy now for your first use and in later stages as well. The longer you wait – the more difficult it will be to find those much-needed opportunities and to make contact with those organizations and also the tracking of your progress that is needed in Part III.

Use the Available Resources for Learning and Development

As with any new venture or journey, there is a risk that a conscious choice, for example, the completing of the certification program can get stuck in a rut.

We would like to remind you that participating in the Certification Program will not give you all the knowledge and experience you will gain or could dream of in the next few years after working with the Four Rooms. Because this is truly a learning journey, there is so much that can and will enrich you and those with whom you share the Four Rooms. You will quickly notice that within the program or the Learning Arena and directly linked to it are two tracks of learning and development personal and professional. You will also come to understand that although you are part of a group and the group is having its experiences and journey. Each member of the group with their backgrounds and experiences is also having his or her own personal journey, and it is okay. Some of the others who are part of this journey some visible like the program managers and some behind the scenes like the other team members at Drottninggatan 55, the large network of already certified users, Four Rooms distributors in other countries, researcher and author Claes Janssen, what has been written about the Four Rooms in literature, research reports and much more help to make up or are ingredients in the community of learners. Don’t’ be shy, but be sure to take advantage of this wealth of learning and experiences to help enhance and enrich your journey.

Tip 1: Breakfast /Information Meetings and One-Day Workshops:

If you have an opportunity and you are curious – please attend one of our many these meetings. These sessions are a great pre-cursor or complement to the information you receive. During the program itself. Currently, these events are held in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Växjö, Melbourne, and Zagreb (check our website for dates and locations). If you attend a Get to Know the Four Rooms and the Organizational Barometer one-day workshop while participating in the Certification program, you can join for half price. For more information on this go to ”Try” on

Tip 2: The Annual User Conference:

Every year at the end of August and the beginning of September, all active users and those in the process of becoming certified gather. The conference is 48-hours spread over three days. It starts after lunch on Wednesday and ends after lunch on Friday. It attracts users with a range of years of experience with the Four Rooms the veteran with 20+ years to those who are just starting out. It is the single major exchange of experience. It is well planned and always at the center is this thought ”Oh, the many ways in which the Four Rooms of Change may be applied.”

During the Certification Program, you are automatically a member of the User Forum, the international Network of Four Rooms Users, which is the target audience of the Annual Conference. Membership means you can participate in User Forum activities without any cost other than your expenses. Here you can see memories from the most recent Conference 2017 and information about the upcoming conference in 2018.

Tip 3: Other users and local user groups:

Four Rooms users who have a few years of experience can be an invaluable resource and potential partner in some more complex tasks and uses. Start building your network early!

Like Getting Your Driving License…

Choosing to be certified to work with the Four Rooms of Change core instruments is analogous to getting your driving license. The more you study, explore and have experiences applying the Theory during the Certification period, the safer you will prove to be as a practitioner. We know from having certified 1100+ people over the last 20+ years that if you apply the use of the Four Rooms more robustly during the training period, you will increase your self-confidence exponentially with each use. This goal leads to faster access to the desired security you seek when working with your end customers. The result of this hard work and practice is more credibility with the ones you are intending to work with. One’s legitimacy increases in the eyes of the observer. One’s authority increases with one’s experiences and well, you self-esteem and self-confidence grows and thus the positive effect of the application. It is not magic it is hard work and practice to become a master or virtuoso.

What happens if you don’t get certified in Part III

It is not a disaster if you are not ready to be certified in Part III for example, you have not fulfilled all of the required uses. There is still time to complete the process, formally you have the rest of the current year (at Part III) and the following calendar year to complete the work. However, the statistics speak for themselves. The fewer uses you have managed to complete during the program timeframe– the greater the probability that you will not complete the certification. It is therefore a good idea – to get a full return on your investment – to set a goal to fulfill the stipulated applications during the program period and as we have stated preferably more.

We as Program Managers are here for you­– don’t hesitate to use us!

Whenever you have an idea that you would like to bounce off someone or your need someone to think out loud with about a question or an idea that you might have in relation to applying the Four Rooms of Change feel free to contact your Program Managers. It is also included in the program fee


Here are the questions that we want you to answer before the program and before we have the pre-program call. If you are wondering about something, please feel free to contact us!


    Your email


    Mailing address

    Invoice address

    Mobile phone

    Landline number (optional)

    Year of birth


    Write something about how your professional background has developed over the years.

    What is your current assignment/profession/occupation?

    How did you learn about or come in contact with the Four Rooms of Change? Were the seeds planted long ago have they been growing over the years? Please share with us your journey that brings you here and now.

    Do you use the Four Rooms today? If yes, please describe how.

    How are you planning to use the Four Rooms in the future?

    Are you certified to work with other theories, instruments and tools? If yes, please list them here.

    Do you plan or are you enrolled in any other education parallel to this one?

    Are you currently participating in, or are you planning to initiate individual or group therapy – or similar activities for personal development? If yes, tell us what type, for example, psychodynamic training or Gestalt therapy.

    Do you have any health issues or other different-abilities that we as the program management need to know about?


    Now that you have a better understanding of the learning process, how do you see you ability to meet the criteria for certification (see above Criteria for Certification)? Please take into account the number of applications required, learning from experience and use in your own life, your ability to participate in all of the program activities and taking responsibility for keeping the necessary and sufficient contact with your “supervisor” though out the course of the program?What do you think about your ability to fulfill the criterias for certification?

    Do you see any specific challenges in front of you, such as accessing groups or individuals to apply the Four Rooms? Creating the opportunities in your own organization– or outside? Or others?

    Do you have any specific dietary restrictions?

    Is there other important information about you that may be helpful to the program managers to be understand you, your needs and where you are coming from?