Certification Program Four Rooms of Change

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Before starting the program, we need to  gather some information about you and your expectations. The information we need is of various kinds. Please take some time to answer this questionnaire, as it will help us plan the program! No one other than the program management will read this.

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Important tasks to become certified

The criteria for becoming certified in the use of the Four Rooms of Change’s three basic instruments; the Introduction to the Four Rooms of Change with the seven questions, the Organizational Barometer and the Personal Dialectics with the Outsider Scale are:

  • That you before the certification process in Part III have used each of the three basic instrument with two individuals and in two groups in real professional situations following the guidelines outlined in the Step-by-Step Guides and instructions during the program
  • That you during the program demonstrate that you have understood and started using the Four Rooms in your own business/in your life
  • That you during the program can show that you can learn from experiences, regarding the utilization of the analytical instruments and the theory
  • That you participated in all scheduled activities during the three parts of the program including support calls between the parts and any other agreed activity

Program Time Frame – six days during 8 – 11 months

The certification program consists of three parts; each is two full days. Even the evening between day 1 and 2 of each part is part of the learning. Only the date for Part I is fixed in advance. The dates for Part II and III are decided in consultation with all participants during Part I – so that everyone can participate. Normally the time in between Part I and III is 8 – 11 months. Taking into consideration that everyone shall have the time for their own applications as well as allowing space for vacations, weekends, holidays, etc.

Time Requirements and Group Size

Calculated on the minimum number of uses as described above to ensure certification, the time required for implementation in between periods is at a minimum 66 hours. This timeframe includes the actual implementation with customers. Preparations, transport times, literature reading, support calls, and etceteras do not appear in the calculation.
Here is a clarifying example regarding group sizes. The basic idea regarding groups that you are working with to become certified is: The group should, first of all, have a common task to ensure enough dynamics. We recommend that the group consist of at minimum five members including the leader. An ideal group size would be 8 – 15 people including the leaders. And, even larger groups of 16 – 30 people during certification are allowed provided you have the assistance of another user who is either in the process of being certified themselves or is already certified and can be your “second chair.” In such events, you need to contact “your” certification program management for further guidance.

How much time do I need to deliver one of the analytical instruments to a group?
Below are the minimal time requirements to deliver each of the different core analytical instruments of the Four Rooms of Change to a group:

• Introduction to the Four Rooms of Change with the seven questions: 4 hours
• The Organizational Barometer including the Introduction with the seven questions: 4 + 8 hours (can be divided into two occasions with a few days in between).
• The Personal Dialectics with the Outsider Scale: 6-8 hours

Start making contacts!

It is a good idea to start making contacts with groups and organizations where you see an opportunity to do your first applications. The longer you wait – the more difficult it will be to catch up the uses before Part III.

Analogous to getting a driving license…
To become certified in the Four Rooms of Change’s core instruments may be compared to getting a driver’s license. The more one studies the theory during the training period and the more you ”practice driving,” the more certain it is that you will be certified or given a driver’s license. And, we know from the experience of hundreds of certification program participants, that if you do more than the required applications, your confidence increases exponentially with the numbers of uses in addition to those required. This work leads of course to your reaching the desired level of trust in your ability to work with the theory with your customers faster. The more experiences you have, the more confident you will feel and the more likely you are to get the Four Rooms of Change theory and use “under your skin.” Which increases the customer value. After the ”driving test,” which is continuous during the program and culminates in Part III, it’s just like when you get your driving license; it is crucial to continue to drive so that your driving skills become more and more reliable.

”If I don´t get certified in Part III?”

If you lack uses in Part III, it is not a catastrophe. You have plenty of time, formally the rest of present year (at Part III) and the following calendar year. But the statistics speak for themselves: the fewer uses made during the program period – the greater the probability will be not to complete the certification. That’s why – in order to get the full benefit of your investment  – it is important to perform the required uses during the program period, and preferably more.

Simply, the more, the better. The better ”provider” of the Four Rooms you will become. And the more difference you will make for your clients and their business!


Here are the questions we want you to answer before the program. If you do wonder about anything, please get in touch with us!


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    Year of birth


    Write something about how your professional background has developed over the years.

    What is your current assignment/profession/occupation?

    How did you learn about or come in contact with the Four Rooms of Change? Were the seeds planted long ago have they been growing over the years? Please share with us your journey that brings you here and now.

    Do you use the Four Rooms today? If yes, please describe how.

    How are you planning to use the Four Rooms in the future?

    Are you certified to work with other theories, instruments and tools? If yes, please list them here.

    Do you plan or are you enrolled in any other education parallel to this one?

    Are you currently participating in, or are you planning to initiate individual or group therapy – or similar activities for personal development? If yes, tell us what type, for example, psychodynamic training or Gestalt therapy.

    Do you have any health issues or other different-abilities that we as the program management need to know about?


    Now that you have a better understanding of the learning process, how do you see you ability to meet the criteria for certification (see above Criteria for Certification)? Please take into account the number of applications required, learning from experience and use in your own life, your ability to participate in all of the program activities and taking responsibility for keeping the necessary and sufficient contact with your “supervisor” though out the course of the program?What do you think about your ability to fulfill the criterias for certification?

    Do you see any specific challenges in front of you, such as accessing groups or individuals to apply the Four Rooms? Creating the opportunities in your own organization– or outside? Or others?

    Do you have any specific dietary restrictions?

    Is there other important information about you that may be helpful to the program managers to be understand you, your needs and where you are coming from?